Best CPA Review Courses

The 3 Best CPA Review Courses | Become a CPA in 3 Steps

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How to Choose the Best CPA Review Course

1. Budget – What can you afford? Are you willing to go into debt?

2. Learning Style – Test Bank Focus? Talking Head? Auditory Learner? What is the best cpa review course instruction style for you?

3. The “5 am” Test – Will you study with this course at 5 am, or will you hit snooze because you hate it?

4. Test Bank – Do they use AICPA questions? Adaptive Learning? How many questions & simulations?

5. Return Policy – Can you return this course if you decide it's not for you – or are you stuck with it?

6. Test Drive – Would you buy a $2,000 car without driving it first? No. A CPA Review course is no different. Do Free Trials.

7. Peer Review – What do your friends, co-workers, and online CPA study groups say about the course?

The 3 Best CPA Review Courses

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NINJA CPA Review (2 Paths)

Becker CPA Review

UWorld CPA Review

How to Become a CPA in 3 Steps

1. Find the Best CPA Review Course (for you).

2. Find 20 Hours/Week To Study with your best CPA Review course.

3. Study.

If only it were that easy. It's not. There is a reason the CPA Exam fail rate is 50%.

As you sit in the Prometric waiting room with three other people, remember:

Two of you will fail your exam.

Regardless if you have the best CPA Review course on the planet.

You need a study plan.

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