N.I.N.J.A Study Framework: Overview

Studying for the CPA Exam is the WORST!

It wreaks havoc on your Family, Finances, and … Friday Nights.

You feel chained to your study materials while everyone else is moving on with life (without you).

In short – The CPA Exam is an Isolated Prison.

What if … you had something that would help you break free from CPA Exam studying … give you more time with your family … and give you the

FREEDOM to go out on a Friday Night and leave the books and laptop in the corner where they belong (and feel completely guilt-free doing it)?

Good News – I have it – and it’s yours Absolutely FREE.

It’s the World Renowned NINJA Study Framework 2.0.

Although we use our study resources as examples throughout it, the Framework works with any CPA Review Course.

It’s yours free! See the instructions below.

It’s been completely overhauled (and looks pretty cool in my opinion).

And… it WORKS!

Why does it work??

1) It allows you to easily budget your study time. When you budget anything (finances, time, etc), you instantly get a “raise” because you’re being intentional with your cash – or in this case, your time.

Result: Friday Night Freedom! (and it will be guilt-free because you planned for it)

2) It follows the NINJA Study Framework. The NINJA Study Framework is the only study plan that doesn’t waste your time.

Every other plan – including the one that came with those $3,000+ study courses – waste your time.

Read Chapter 1

Do Questions over Chapter 1

Read Chapter 2

Do Questions over Chapter 2

ARGH. Really??? This is straight from the 1950s.

There is a better way.

It’s the NINJA Study Framework and it strips out all of this inefficiency that is wasting precious hours of your life and keeping you locked in your spare bedroom studying Bond Amortization and Audit Disclosures while everyone else is having fun.

You can get the NINJA Study Framework by clicking here.

Consider This…

The overwhelming majority of CPA Candidates use 3 or 4 CPA Review Courses.

Can we agree on that?


Now, Consider This…

According to the most recent intel released by NASBA…

The Average CPA Candidate is taking 17 Months to Pass the CPA Exam

17 months!!

What do those 3 or 4 (or 5) courses have in common?

They all teach the same way of studying.

Read Chapter 1 / Watch Chapter 1 Lectures

Do Chapter 1 Questions

Read Chapter 2 / Watch Chapter 2 Lectures

Do Chapter 2 Questions

They don’t care if it doesn’t work because they already have your money.

This is why I created the NINJA Study Framework.

This is why thousands have passed using it.

This is why TODAY, you’re saying “No Thank You” to taking 17 Months to pass like everyone else and jumping in the Fast Lane.

This is why TODAY, you’re becoming a NINJA.

(did I mention it’s 100% Free – and pretty cool if I don’t say so myself?)

Will NINJA Work For You?

At this point, you are likely wondering whether NINJA will be effective for YOU personally?

NINJA CPA Review is a complete course that has also been the #1 CPA Review supplement for over a decade.

Based on this, there are two paths forward, please choose the path that best suits where you are in your CPA Exam journey.


The NINJA Only path is for candidates who would like to use NINJA as their primary review course.

NINJA As A Supplement

The NINJA As A Supplement is for candidates who already have a primary course (Becker, Wiley, Roger, Surgent, etc) that hasn’t gotten the job done i.e. you’ve recently failed a section OR you want give yourself that little extra boost to avoid failing.