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Watch a full NINJA Sparring topic from each CPA Exam.

“The sparring sessions really teach you the topic inside and out, and the cram course is excellent at reviewing everything. I passed two exams so far, and Mike has been the difference. Some review courses are overly reliant on mnemonics, but NINJA Mike does a better job at teaching the concepts so you actually understand the intuition.”

– r/CPA

NINJA Sparring is the #1 CPA Exam Tutoring service.

The best part? It's included with NINJA Monthly for $67. Instead of charging $100+ an hour, we charge $67 per month and you get everything that NINJA has to offer.

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Four nights a week, NINJA Mike (the best CPA Exam tutor in the business) holds live NINJA Sparring sessions.

Our Sparring sessions reinforce the concepts learned through a series of examples, CPA Exam questions, Simulations, and Exam Day tips & tricks to get you ready for battle.

In addition to the NINJA Sparring videos, NINJAs get access to the Excel files used in each Tutoring session.

NINJA Sparring is included with both Study Paths for $67 monthly.