NINJA Sparring

ninja sparring

NINJA Sparring is the popular live CPA Exam Tutoring service from NINJA CPA Review.

Four nights a week, NINJA Mike (the best CPA tutor in the business) holds live NINJA Sparring sessions to reinforce the concepts learned through a series of Examples, CPA Exam Questions, Simulations, and Exam Day tips & tricks to get you ready for battle.

In addition to the videos, NINJAs get access to the Excel files used in each Sparring session.

FAR CPA Tutor Library = 65 Topics (100 Hours)
AUD CPA Tutor Library = 43 Topics (59 Hours)
REG CPA Tutor Library = 40 Topics (56 Hours)
BEC CPA Tutor Library = 40 Topics (56 Hours)

NINJA Sparring is included in all NINJA Monthly subscriptions.

NINJA Study Weapons

All Study Weapons are included with NINJA Monthly.

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