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NINJA CPA Sparring is the popular live CPA Exam Tutoring service from NINJA CPA Review.

Four nights a week, a NINJA CPA Exam Tutor guides members through a deep dive into tough CPA Exam topics and reinforces the concepts learned through a series of Questions, Simulations, Q&A, and Exam Day tips to prepare you for the tricks that the AICPA loves to throw at CPA Candidates.

Like all NINJA Study Weapons, NINJA Sparring is up-to-date and included with your $67 NINJA Monthly subscription. You read that right, even live CPA tutoring is included with your membership.

With NINJA Sparring, you’ll be Battle-Tested and Exam Ready.

(plus, “Sparring” sounds way cooler than “Tutoring”) 😀


Is A Complete Course That Has Also Been The #1 CPA Review Supplement For Over A Decade.

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