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NINJA Notes – printed out the notes and used them as a knowledge check closer to the exam. Information is high-level, so you can quickly run through and get a comfort level on what you should go back to review in detail.”

Olga Timirgalieva, Elijah Watt Sells Award Winner

NINJA Notes are the #1 CPA Exam Notes for a reason.

It's as simple as:

  1. Study the NINJA Notes
  2. Re-Write the NINJA Notes
  3. Pass & Enjoy Your Life.

Our CPA Notes are built on the N.I.N.J.A. Framework:

  1. Nail the Concepts
  2. Intense CPA Notes
  3. Non-Stop MCQ
  4. Just Re-Write Your Notes
  5. All Comes Together

NINJA Notes boil down the key CPA Exam concepts to manageable sizes that are easily consumed and, most importantly, remembered.

Integrate the NINJA CPA Notes into your CPA Study Plan, and read them as many times as possible leading up to your exam.

ninja notes
Even our competitors copy the NINJA Notes 😀

NINJA Notes are Short, Sweet, and To The Point.

FAR CPA Notes = 112 pages
AUD CPA Notes = 93 pages
BEC CPA Notes = 88 pages
REG CPA Notes = 114 pages

Don't have time to take notes as you study?

We've got your six.

Simply re-write the NINJA CPA Notes and let the concepts connect with your brain.

It will pay huge dividends on Exam Day.

Our best advice is usually our least-followed advice:

Re-Write the NINJA Notes.

Why does it work? It forces you to slow down and process the information, and writing it connects the concepts to your brain much more effectively than skimming it.

Why do most people skip this step? It's hard work.

It's boring.

It's tedious.

It's worth it.

Finally, If it’s in the NINJA Notes, it's on the CPA Exam.

Read the notes as many times as possible and take the NINJA Notes everywhere you go.

(Yes, ahemeverywhere 😀 )

NINJA Notes are what got this NINJA party started back in 2011 and put NINJA on the map as the go-to CPA Exam supplement. Tens of Thousands of CPA candidates have used NINJA CPA Notes to help them pass the CPA Exam, and we wish you the same success.

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“Hi Jeff, You were just right! I passed REG this time with an 83!! I give all the credit to Ninja's review. I would not have been able to do this two weeks from score release had I not used Ninja notes. Thank you soooo very much!! If I had to do it all over again, I would choose Ninja as my main review material.” – Tasnoova T.

“For my FAR rematch I decided to switch exclusively to NINJA. I have been reading the NINJA book and NINJA Notes and enjoy how much more straightforward they are compared to the other CPA courses textbooks.” – Rafael F.

“GREAT! I got an 84 on FAR!! NINJA Notes and audio were invaluable! Copied all the notes and listened to the audio, and the video replays a ton!” – Kayley L.

“I passed BEC with an 86.  NINJA Notes were a huge help.” – Chris T.

“I passed! I took BEC for the 3rd time and decided to switch up my study strategies. I started re-writing the Ninja notes that I added to and scribbled on and went from a 71 to an 86!!” – Stephanie K.

“I just passed BEC (thank to your ninja method and ninja notes/audio notes).” – Rich M.

“I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for your amazing products. NINJA Notes, NINJA MCQ, the Forum, and Podcasts were an integral part of my CPA Exam journey. I’m not sure I could have succeeded without the combination of your website and community of fellow aspiring CPAs.” – Alex F.

“I just crushed my last part AUD with a 98! Finished with a 92 average on all four parts.  Couldn’t have done it without my Ninja Notes, and you saved me countless hours of studying because NINJA kept it simple! I gave the exam a Ric Flair backhanded hi-ya! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” – Peter S.

“The ninja notes were very helpful for FAR and AUD. I actually managed to use the notes as my primary method of studying for AUD and got an 89!” – Sarah H.

“Just want to thank you.  I got an 80 on REG by studying only the Ninja MCQs for 3 weeks.  Going to take BEC using the same method!  Ninja notes are awesome, and I swear by them. No need to spend thousands on big-name study materials!” – Christine S.

“Just wanted to thank you personally as I just found out I passed BEC. I used Ninja MCQ and Ninja notes exclusively this time, and It worked wonders.” – Zubair S.

“93 on FAR. Ninja Notes supplemented by Wiley Text and a ton of Ninja MCQ.” – Eric A.

“It took me a little longer than a year, but I just passed all four parts of my exam on the first attempt! I supplemented Becker with Ninja Notes and Ninja Audio! Thank you so much for creating those products!” – Brad A.

“I just received my score for AUD (84!), and with that, I am done with CPA!!! (except for the Ethics exam). I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help. From NINJA Notes to the FAR Book, and so on!!! Thanks a million!!!” – Hanler P.

“Rewriting my MCQ notes and your Ninja notes was critical.” – Tommy C.

“Just found out this morning that I passed my final section of the CPA Exam, and it's thanks to the NINJA Notes and NINJA MCQ!  I went from a 72 to an 89 by using the NINJA MCQ! Once again, thank you for your great product!” – Bryce S.

“Your ninja notes have helped me pass three sections on the first try.” – Jessica G.

“Thanks to your Ninja notes, I got the extra boost I needed and have FINALLY passed Financial!” – Sara D.

“Thank you, Jeff!! I just wanted you to know that your NINJA notes really helped me pass FAR earlier this year. I really like the way your notes are laid out. Very easy to read and understand.” – Michael H.

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NINJA CPA Review is a complete course that has also been the #1 study supplement for over a decade.

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The NINJA Only path is for candidates who want to use NINJA as their primary CPA review course.

NINJA Supplement

The NINJA Supplement path is for candidates who already have a primary CPA review course (Becker, Wiley, Roger, Surgent, etc.) that hasn’t gotten the job done, i.e., you’ve recently failed a section, OR you want to give yourself that little extra boost to avoid failing.