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Stressed & Anxious about your upcoming Exam? You need the NINJA CRAM. (hey, that rhymes).

NINJA CRAM will leave you confident and ready for whatever the AICPA throws at you. You can knock out the CRAM sessions on a Saturday and still have time for some weekend fun. 😀

The NINJA CRAM sessions are in-depth and thorough, but clocking in at around 1/5 the length of our Sparring lectures, they don't lose sight of what they are: a CRAM course.

In addition to the videos, NINJAs get access to the Excel files used in each CRAM session.

FAR CPA CRAM = 24 hours
AUD CPA CRAM = 15 hours
BEC CPA CRAM = 12 hours
REG CPA CRAM = 13 hours

Total NINJA CRAM = 64 hours