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NINJA CPA CRAM is the popular CPA Exam CRAM that helps you Nail the Concepts for your Final Review.

Recorded live, the NINJA CRAM covers every AICPA Blueprint area, leaving you locked and loaded for Exam Day.

Like all NINJA Study Weapons, the NINJA CRAM is up-to-date for current exams and included with your $67 NINJA Monthly subscription.

The NINJA CRAM will be your lifeline on Exam Day.

You can knock out a NINJA CRAM course over a weekend, and still have time to do something fun. 😀

FAR CRAM = 13 hours
AUD CRAM = 10 hours
BEC CRAM = 8 hours
REG CRAM = 9 hours

Ninja CPA Review

Ready To Round House Kick The CPA Exam In The Face?

NINJA CPA Review is the Only Pay-As-You-Pass CPA Review Course That Will Save You Time, Money & Your Sanity.