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“Thanks to your advice, I have just passed REG with a 78, with only Ninja. This concludes my CPA exam journey. I got all 4 passes ONLY through Ninja. The MCQ, your notes, and NINJA Book are so well designed that I passed all the CPA exams within a short time. I wish to express my gratitude to Ninja, you, and your team. I really enjoyed studying with Ninja a lot.” – Steve C.

NINJA Book is the leanest (and meanest) CPA Review Book.

All Killer / No Filler. Nail the Concepts without wasting weeks studying CPA Exam topics that aren’t even tested.

Integrate the NINJA CPA Books into your CPA Study Plan and print them out or load them onto your favorite reading device.

FAR CPA Book = 500 pages
AUD CPA Book = 730 pages
BEC CPA Book = 230 pages
REG CPA Book = 300 pages

2024 TCP, ISC, and BAR Books coming soon!

NINJA Book is built on the N.I.N.J.A. Framework:

  1. Nail the Concepts
  2. Intense Notes
  3. Non-Stop MCQ
  4. Just Re-Write Your Notes
  5. All Comes Together

NINJA Book is full of examples and application questions that won't bore you to death or cause you to second-guess your career choice as a Certified Public Accountant.

NINJA Book is included with both Study Paths for $67.

Yes, There Are Two Paths You Can Go By…

NINJA CPA Review is a complete course that has also been the #1 CPA Review supplement for over a decade.

One product, two ways it can be used to study.

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You plan to use NINJA CPA Review as your ‘one and only.' It will be your primary set of study materials that you will conquer the exam with.

NINJA As A Supplement

You plan to use NINJA alongside another set of study materials you have already purchased. (Becker, Wiley, Roger, Surgent, etc.) Therefore, you will be supplementing that course with NINJA.

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