CPA Exam Book


The NINJA CPA Book strips away the fluff and filler that won’t be on the CPA Exam, allowing you to Nail the CPA Review Concepts (without wasting your valuable study time).

The NINJA Book is designed to facilitate truly understanding the concepts. If you read the NINJA Book and the accompanying NINJA Notes, you will master the material for Exam Day.

Like all NINJA Study Weapons, the NINJA Book is up-to-date for current exams and included with your $67 NINJA Monthly subscription.

The NINJA CPA Book breaks down concepts using plain language, graphics, and charts to make this part of the study process as painless as possible (because, let’s face it, nobody wants to read an accounting book). 😀

Ready for Battle, the NINJA Books can be easily printed or read on any device.

AUD Book = 730 pages
BEC Book = 230 pages
FAR Book = 550 pages
REG Book = 300 pages


Is A Complete Course That Has Also Been The #1 CPA Review Supplement For Over A Decade.

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