CPA Exam Audio


The NINJA CPA Audio allows you to study for the CPA Exam when you otherwise couldn’t, adding 5-10 study hours/week.

At the Gym? In the Car? At Work? No problem. Listen and study.

NINJA Audio boils down key CPA Exam concepts to manageable sizes that are easily consumed, and most importantly, remembered.

Like all NINJA Study Weapons, the NINJA Audio is up-to-date for current exams and included with your $67 NINJA Monthly subscription.

With the newly-found extra time on your hands, your friends and family will love the NINJA Audio (but they won’t love listening to it). 😀

Listen to NINJA Audio as many times as possible leading up to your exam day.

NINJA Audio works great on any mobile device.

AUD Audio = 3+ hours
BEC Audio = 2+ hours
FAR Audio = 4+ hours
REG Audio = 4+ hours


Is A Complete Course That Has Also Been The #1 CPA Review Supplement For Over A Decade.

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