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(Please Note – if you’re seeing this unexpectedly

Make sure that you’re not trying to login to ninjacpareview.com with your Another71 Forum credentials – this is causing some people some problems with logging in.

They are two different logins, unfortunately.

If you can’t get in – please logout of the forum and try logging into NINJA – that usually solves the problem).

Looking for NINJA MCQ?

Renew your access here: https://www.another71.com/mcq/ (you can keep your current progress – or reset it – your choice).

Looking for NINJA PLUS?

Click here:  https://www.ninjacpareview.com/plus/. If you need to re-purchase, there are links on the bottom of the PLUS page.

Looking for NINJA BLITZ?

If you were looking for NINJA BLITZ Access, you can get it by simply upgrading to a Ten Point Combo and you’ll be set.

The videos come with the combo, but here are some Free BLITZ sections for you to check out:

Free NINJA BLITZ: https://www.ninjacpareview.com/ninja-blitz/

Want to upgrade to the Ten Point Combo?

1) Go ahead and purchase (http://www.another71.com/ten-point-combo/)

2)Email support@another71.com and let us know you upgraded

3) The ninjas will refund any ninja materials previously purchased that are part of your new combo
(excluding expired MCQ Access…any time left on your current MCQ can be added to your Combo, no problem).



If you’re already an MCQ/BLITZ/Combo NINJA and you’re seeing this in error, then our apologies!

– It could be your Browser/Firewall/Cache that isn’t playing nice with the NINJAs.

Please read the FAQs here.

MCQ Expired?

Please also make sure that your access to the MCQ hasn’t expired

(3 months from your purchase date – or 1 year if you purchased the Complete MCQ).

(Your saved progress will still be there – or you can reset – your choice)