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NINJA CPA Review is comprised of 8 NINJA Study Weapons organized into 1 NINJA Battle Plan.

8 Ninja Study Weapons:

  2. NINJA Notes
  3. NINJA Flashcards
  4. NINJA Audio
  5. NINJA Book
  6. NINJA Plus
  7. NINJA Blitz
  8. NINJA MCQ Audio

1 NINJA Battle Plan:

NINJA – Monthly

NINJA Monthly is the first and only pay as you go CPA Exam Review on the market.

You get all 8 Study Weapons for your chosen section (AUD, BEC, FAR, REG) for one low monthly price.

That means:

  • NO High up front cost
  • NO Contract
  • NO Financing
  • NO B.S. (Boring Stuff, what did you think that meant?)

And you can cancel at anytime (for any reason).

Who Is This For?
This is for CPA Exam candidates of all stripes from those just starting out to those going…

“Argh!! My last section exam is in 20 days! I need a little extra edge to help me pass!”

And of course… every CPA Exam Candidate in between.

To review the NINJA CPA Review weaponry and Battle Plans in detail CLICK HERE NOW.

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