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The sleekest, most intuitive CPA Exam Test Bank on the market. We hear this over and over again.

Whether you’re looking to boost your primary CPA Review Course, or you’re using NINJA CPA exclusively, this CPA Online Test Bank with AICPA Questions stands out above the others.

With AICPA-Licensed CPA Exam questions, comprehensive answer explanations, clean design, Dark Mode, CPA practice exams that mimic the real deal, robust Simulation software, and a Trending Score to keep you on track for Exam Day, NINJA MCQ has it all.

Like all NINJA Study Weapons, NINJA MCQ is up-to-date for current exams and included with your $67 NINJA Monthly subscription.

NINJA MCQ knows your strengths (and your weaknesses). Don’t worry, we won’t tell the AICPA. 😀

The NINJA CPA Test Bank has the following number of CPA Exam Questions & Simulations:


  • Questions = 1,378
  • Simulations = 60+


  • Questions = 1,684
  • Simulations & Written Communications = 60+


  • Questions = 2,262
  • Simulations = 60+


  • Questions = 1,597
  • Simulations = 60+

Total Questions & Simulations

  • Questions = 6,921
  • Simulations = 240+
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