CPA Review Ninjas

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I buy NINJA MCQ?

Buy and get started within minutes here:

2. NINJA MCQ won’t launch – I’m stuck in this loop…help?

If NINJA MCQ won’t launch properly, make sure you’re:

– Not behind a firewall/anti-virus software (if so, add as an allowable site)

– Not using Internet Explorer (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (Apple) are recommended).

– You may need to whitelist the site in your anti-virus software as well.

– You may also need to clear your browser cache (this varies by browser)

3. How do I work MCQs over a specific topic?

To drill down into topic-specific MCQs, Select “Custom + Sims” —> Select Categories

4. How do I see the Simulation answers?

After you complete a simulation, click your score and it will take you back in and show you the answers.

5. Is there a breakdown of the SIM topics?

Yes – they are listed here.

6. How do I reset my stats?

Simply click Launch Course and you’ll see a big orange reset button at the bottom under “Helpful Links”.

7. If none of the above answered your question…

NINJA Help Desk:

(don’t forget to slide the bar to the right to submit)